Door Cylinders & Barrels Replacements and Repair

The cylinder or barrel is the part of the lock that the key is inserted. Over time, the pins inside cylinder can wear causing the key to stick and become difficult to turn. Another common problem is being unable to remove the key from the cylinder. We will be able to diagnose the problem with your cylinder, and supply and install a replacement if necessary.

Or perhaps you want to replace the locks after buying a new home or property, or maybe you’re a land lord that wants to change the lock after a previous tenant. We stock a wide range of cylinders to suit the many different types of locks available.

We now also provide restricted cylinders and master keyed cylinders

Below are some examples of the most common types.

Range of Cylinders

We stock a wide range of cylinders to suit the many door lock and door types. Below are some examples of the most common types:

Euro Profile Cylinder

The most common type of cylinder lock used in doors in Ireland is the euro profile cylinder. The euro profile cylinder has been used for over 30 years. We stock a wide range of sizes to suit the many types of doors.

Thumb Turn Cylinder

A thumb turn cylinder adds extra convenience when locking and unlocking your door. With a thumb turn cylinder installed in your door lock, you simply turn the knob to unlock your door. How many times has someone called to your door, and had to go look for the keys to open it.

High Security Cylinder

High security cylinders provide extra protection against the common methods of attack used by burglars. High security thumb turn cylinders are also available.

Nightlatch / Rim Cylinder

Rim cylinders are very common and are found installed in nightlatch locks. Nightlatch locks are found in traditional hardwood external doors.

Scandinavian / Swedish Cylinder

Scandinavian cylinders are becoming more and more common in Ireland. They are used in Nordic pine doors and are.


Restricted Profile & Master Keyed Cylinders

We can supply and of the above types of cylinders (and more) in our own unique restricted profile. We can also provide keyed alike and master keyed cylinders

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