Sliding Patio Door Rollers

All patio / sliding doors have one thing in common. They all use patio rollers (wheels) to slide upon. The patio rollers are mounted on the bottom of door, and sit on top of a track which allows the door to slide back and forth. The first sign of wear or damage to the rollers is the door not sliding easily or taking extra force to open and close it. The most common reason for this is wear and tear, (years of sliding back and forth) but there are other factors that can shorten the life span of the rollers.

Another big factor in shortening the lifespan of the rollers is dirt and pet hair. The track area of the patio sliding door is very prone to the collection of muck and dirt. This dirt and muck in turn get drawn into the bearings of the rollers causing them to seize up.

Dog hair is the worst offender. Weight is also a big factor. The weight of the door can shorten the life of the patio rollers.

Older sliding patio doors tend to have “plate” glass, which is much heavier than glass used in modern double glazing.

Maintenance for Your Patio Rollers

To ensure a long life for your patio door rollers follow these simple steps:

  • With a sweeping brush, brush any dirt or pet hair out of the track area. Do this on a regular basis
  • Use WD-40, 3-in-1 oil or similar to lubricate the rollers. Choose the spray can with the straw. This is particularly useful for getting in to the rollers at the bottom of the door, without having to take the door down to apply it.



We stock patio rollers to suit uPVC, aluminium and wooden patio sliding doors.
If it takes excessive force to slide your door open and closed then the rollers are most likely worn and need replacing.

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