Window Handles

Window handles are one of the most common parts to break on windows. Window handles usually break because of the excess force put on them when opening and closing the window. When the window hinges are strained, rusted or don’t open and close smoothly, it puts extra pressure on the handle and usually breaks clean off.

Once the window handle breaks off, the only option is to replace it.

The two main types of window handles used in Ireland are the window espag handle and cockspur window handle.

  • The window espag handle is the most common type used in Ireland. The espag handle will have a spindle (square shaped bar) that comes out of the back of the handle. This operates the window lock. The espag handle is used on upvc windows predominantly, but are also used on modern aluminium, wooden (timber) and aluclad windows.
  • The cockspur window handle is used on old aluminium and upvc windows. The cockspur window handle has a spur (nose or beak) on one side of the handle. They are right and left handings. The spur closes down over a plastic wedge block, which secures the window in place.
  • There are several different heights of cockspur window handles to suit different types of window. The height is measured from the base of the handle (where it is fixed to the window sash) to the underside of the spur. Aluminium windows tend to used 9mm height handles. While uPVC windows tend to use 17mm and 21mm height.

window espag handle

cockspur window handle

We stock both espag handles and cockspur handles in a range of colours. White, Gold, Black and Silver.

We have window handles s to suit all the main Irish window manufactures including: Munster Joinery, Senator Windows, Camden, Weather Glaze etc

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