Window Draught Seals

Draughty windows are one of the most common problems we are called to fix. There are numerous reasons why a window would be draughty. When we call to repair a draughty window, we first fully inspect the window to discover where the draught is coming from.

  • The first thing we check is the hinges on the window. A lot of people think that the draught seals on their windows have shrunk or are damaged, but in most cases it is the window hinges that are broken.
  • Broken window hinges can be seen as a gap between the window sash (the opening section of the window) and the seal on the frame. This gap can be small enough that you could fit a bank card in or large enough that you could fit your finger in. This is where the air gets in, and you will feel it as a cold draught. Replacing the hinges will solve this problem without doing anything to the window seals.
  • We also check that the window is hanging properly, closing and locking tightly, and that there are no gaps in the plaster or window board where cold air can get through. We can make adjustments to ensure the window is hanging properly and that it is closing and locking tightly. If there is any gaps in the plaster or window board, we seal them using silicone or caulk.
  • The final thing we check is the draught seals. In most pvc windows this is a black rubber strip that surrounds the window openings. In aluminium windows this is a wool pile. In timber windows it is usually a brown or white rubber strip. Rubber seals can become damaged These rubber seals can become damaged from wear and tear, and can become perished from weather and the sun. The glazing seals on older aluminium and pvc windows can shrink back leaving gaps in the corners. Glazing seals are rubber strips used to secure the glass or double glazing into the window.



We stock a wide range of both draught seals and glazing seals to suit all types of windows.

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