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Cuddihy Window & Door Services are PSA Licenced Locksmiths and are members of the Irish Locksmith Organisation.

If you have a problem with your door lock, then look no further.

Nearly all modern external doors have multi-point locks installed in them. Door locks are opened and locked many times in one day. Over years of use, the internal springs and gears wear and eventually fail. Mishandling and incorrect operation of the lock will speed up this wear. It will start to become difficult to lock the door, or maybe require extra force to lock the door. Eventually the lock will stop functioning; leaving you unable to lock the door, or unable to open it.

  • We stock a wide range of multi-point door locks, which are used in PVC, Aluminium and timber doors. Including GU, Lockmaster, Ferco, KFV, Mila etc.
  • We also stock single point door locks which are used in old aluminium doors, as well as locks for internal and external timber doors. Including Union, Yale, Basta etc.
  • We also stock door locks and additional locks for sliding patio doors.
  • We will be able to diagnose the problem with your door lock, and supply and fit a replacement lock if necessary.

What is the PSA?

The Private Security Authority is a government body set up to regulate the many sections of the security industry including burglar alarm installation, cash in transit vehicles and locksmiths. From the 1st of February 2017, any person who in the course of a business, trade or profession provides locksmith services including installing, opening, maintaining, repairing, or servicing of door and window locks, must have a PSA locksmith licence.

Why should I use a PSA licensed locksmith?

  • PSA licensed locksmiths are Garda vetted, fully insured and are experts in their field.

  • Any person including householders and businesses employing an unlicensed contractor or individual is breaking the law
  • Penalties range from a €3,000 fine, up to 5 years in prison

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